Curate from Latin: curare meaning "to take care"

Select, organize, and look after the items in (a collection or exhibition)

Curate Course

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The Curate class was much more than I expected and exactly what I needed. I love the way Katharyne thinks about things and she inspires me to look at things differently. If I am feeling stuck creatively, I know her video classes will leave me excited with new ideas to explore. Instead of just giving you step-by-step instruction about how to do something, she also sheds light on possibilities. This later part is what makes her classes so special.
- Nina

Katharyne does it again with this amazing course. Both the content and the method of delivery are amazing. I have already started working on several projects and am very happy that I took the time for "me" and my business to take this amazing course. 10 thumbs up!!!
- Cordelia Blake

Katharyne Shelton’s Create class is so packed full of ideas and information on building an income by curating digital content. She teaches the class in bite size pieces that make it easy to understand and implement. I’m always amazed at how much she knows and how well she teaches the information. I’ve taken many classes from tons of different people but my preference is to learn from Katharyne as she always over-delivers and does it in such a caring way. I’m super happy with what I’m learning in the class and excited about how it will help me to grow my income in the future!
- Joella Bower

In this digital age, there is a wealth of information and ideas available to anyone who is interested. This course offers a clever way of finding what is available and creating something unique and valuable, TODAY!
Not only that, you will also learn how to find an audience who will likely share your enthusiasm for your products! Most importantly, Katharyne explains how to create and curate items that are evergreen making your wallet and bank account very happy.
- Shawna L

I love how your mind works and how well you articulate. If I wasn't already old, I'd want to be you when I grow up. Happy 2017! Joining Curate may have been my best decision of 2016.
- Stephanie Young Inge

I just love this course. I have taken all of Katharyne’s courses and love them. I thought I could not learn any more from a new class. Thought I would go through it and refresh my memory about the information. Well, I was wrong. I am learning so much more that I need to know. My mind is just on overtime coming up with new ideas. Katharyne will be talking about something and she hits a spark in my brain and I have to pause the video to go and check out the thoughts that came to mind. Then back to the video. I am constantly going back so that I can re-hear something because I don’t want to miss a word of what she is telling me. I love Katharyne’s teaching style. She is getting through to me like none of the other teachers have been able to do. Also, she is available to help if help is needed. Yes, you can use my full name. I want people to know how much I appreciate you.
- Marilyn Southmayd

I was really impressed by "Curate" the latest course developed by Blue Sky Suite (Katharyne Shelton & Isaac Gonzalez). The 24 video training walks you through how to create and curate digital products that are fun, educational and profitable. CreateSpace, Gumroad, GearBubble and Merch by Amazon are just a few of the platforms explored. Utilizing the Public Domain, we get a bird's eye view of how books, journals, educational material, jewelry, t-shirts and so much more can be synthesized and crafted into useful and creative tangible products.
- Wendy Siegel

Blue Sky Curate and Create is not the first course I have taken that was created by Katharyne and Isaac, so when I saw the news about this course I knew I was going to get amazing value and it was a no brainer to sign up. I am so thrilled that I signed up as during the 24 days worth of classes my eyes were opened to so many ideas I didn’t even know existed. You don’t have to have special skills and Katharyne makes it all sound not only easy, but doable by showing you the exact steps to create products that will sell and make you money, yet will be different from others. She covers everything from where to get ideas to marketing your products. What I also love about Katharyne is that once you are in her Facebook group, you can always ask for help, she is one of those rare people, who really cares to help. It will take work, but with the Blue Sky Curate and Create course you will be on the right track to creating products that will make you money for sure! All you need to do is watch the videos and take action!
- Eva

I have to confess, I love to be rich! Wealth is power. With wealth many things are possible. The real measure of wealth is not, however, how much money do you have, but rather how much knowledge do you posses. As Coco Chanel once said:” There are people who have money and people who are rich.” That’s why I feel right at home with ‎Katharyne Shelton course, which not only satisfy my insatiable thirst for knowledge, but also encourages me to think rich, and widen my views on making money in ways I’ve never thought was possible.
- Svetlana Lanskaya

These classes really and truly have been all I was looking for and more. Arbitrage is not for me. (I have a lot of inventory in my storage room to prove it .) But this could be amazing. The potential is mind blowing. Avenues that I didn't know existed. Katharyne has laid out a program that is easy to follow even if you don't have graphics skills.
- LaTisha Tuggle

I'm so glad I purchased this course. With all of the changes going on with Amazon I know this is the future. I've only watched a few videos so far and have been blown away by what I've seen. Great investment in mine and hubby's future. Really excited that future info will be added and thankful for the facebook group to bounce ideas around and ask for help. Well done Isaac and Katharyne.
- Debbie Wieder

As a seller on Amazon and eBay, I've been benefiting from Katharyne's videos and courses for a few years now, starting with her YouTube videos and Bundling course and on into the Blue Sky Suite and Create workshops and courses.

I've been a fan too of both Katharyne and Isaac since I met them a couple years ago at ASD in Las Vegas and was inspired by their plans for Blue Sky Suite and the SkyTools Software Suite. My own online business, selling physical products, has benefited a lot from the Blue Sky knowledge and the innovative research tools. For the most part these earlier courses and tools were focused on creating and selling physical products through online markets which was also my focus.

Recently, Katharyne and Isaac have moved into teaching how to create and sell digital products online through Blue Sky Suite's Curate workshops. This was great for me as I've been wanting to move to selling more digital creations myself since I have retired and will be much more mobile down the road. With digital products I can create and sell from anywhere as long as I have my laptop and an internet connection, and I won't have to carry a physical inventory of products along with me. I wondered how I'd be able to be mobile and keep selling and the Curate classes provided more ideas and opportunities than I could have imagined.

Up to now, my only digital creations and products were t-shirts which I've sold online through print on demand sites. Curate has provided me the inspirtation and actionable knowledge to do so much more, with more types of products, and to scale up easily. There's unlimited creative potential here which not only makes for more products to sell but more fun for me creating and selling these products. I think what Katharyne and Isaac have created is brilliant and they really have helped me and so many other people. The potential for creating and selling through online platforms is huge and these guys are making it possible for anyone to take advantage of these opportunities with real and useable information and techniques that they provide at a very low cost.

I can't recommend any of the Blue Sky Suite courses enough. They come from a couple of very bright and creative folks who obviously want to share the wealth helping so many others to grow their own profitable and fun online businesses. I can't wait to see how they innovate into the future, and that's a Blue Sky Wave I will continue to ride!
- Rick Jacobson

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